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How to singn up bitcoin account and earn money


How to singn up bitcoin account and earn money

Coinbase is an easy way to buy Bitcoin, Litoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash (Bcash).  Once an account is created on the Coinbase website, users can purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card or bank account, which will be made online on Amazon.

  Advanced cryptocurrency knowledge is not required to use Coinbase, which is why many people use the first bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  Here’s how to get started.

  Coinbase account registration.

  Go to in the web browser of your choice and click on the registration key in the upper right corner.

  A form will appear with your first and last name, email and password fields.  Be sure to use your real name as it appears on your passport or driver’s license, as nicknames can delay verifying your identity.  Make sure your email is written correctly.

  Choose your password.  Make sure to use a combination of upper and lower case plus at least one number.

  Make sure I’m not a robot Recap security box and a user agreement and privacy policy checkbox.

  Click the Address Account key.

  A confirmation email will now be sent to the selected email address.  Go to own email address inbox and open the email account.
There must be a verification link.  Clicking on it will open a new browser window that will enable your chessbox account.

  Now you are offered in several steps to verify your identity.  Now you can cancel and do it, but it’s worthwhile to set up, the more information you have, the more you can buy cryptocurrency in a week, and the more secure it can be.

  Verify your identity on Coinbase.

  During the account process, Coinbase can verify your identity through multiple accounts, and then you can access these options at any time in Settings> Security Options in the Coinbase panel.

  Ensuring your identity on Coinbase will increase the purchase limit (the amount of cryptocurrencies you can buy on a weekly basis) and improve the security of your account.  Here, you will be asked for a confirmation link that was sent to you after you created your Cabinet account or panel security settings.

  Phone Number: Verifying your phone number is a very simple process.  You will be asked what country your number is registered and which number you select.  After submitting this information, Coinbase will upload a second webpage and send an SMS to your mobile phone.  Enter this code in the New Page checkbox and click Verify blue number on the phone.

  You will be asked to fill in your address after you verify your address in your account settings or in My Profile> Settings.  As with other account information, it’s important to know the truth here.  The size of the country is especially important because it determines what financial services are used and how much to buy or sell in Coinbase.

  Document Verification: Once you’ve set up the address in the account’s first section, you’ll be asked to verify your identity by sharing copies of a government-issued ID, such as a passport, age card verification or driver’s license.  The documents requested vary by country.  If you leave this option first, you’ll sign in and then send it to the “Coinbase” dashboard.  You can also find your documents through Settings.  > Edge.

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