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Slow DNs Apk Download


DVDPN is a free VPN application that helps you keep your gadgets, data, privacy, and browsing activity online while on the DNS Boot Slope DNS. Even if the Tulugaru server fails other alternative services, the compact device hides its current location and hides its current location. Your data is a canal located in a DNS tunnel, the application is like a virtual firewall.

  You can get free access to your favorite websites, apps, and social platforms without any restriction. Regardless of the political decisions you make in your place, country or region, you gain full control over online activities.

  Key features of a delayed DNS canal VPN

  100% online privacy guaranteed.

  Wi-Fi protection is provided.

  DNS scale changes are available.

  There is no speed limit for online activities and browsing.

  No need to go to the street.

  Your IP address has been safely masked.

  What permissions are required: location, network, task list, phone status and external storage.

  Note: It is best to use the enhanced app to access common websites that can be run slowly for heavyweight websites.

  VPN functions.

  > Protect your privacy.
  > Wi-Fi protection.
  > Allow multiple DNS parameters to be set to achieve the best possible connection speed.
  > No speed limit (from the DNS VPN server).
  > Protect your device as a virtual firewall.
  > No root required.
  > VPN is very easy to use.
  > VPN Cover your IP address and identity using the server server IP.
  > VPN server locations in more than 15 countries.
  > All servers are deployed on a 1 Gbps network.
  > VPN is easy to use on your phone and tablet.
  > No registration required.
  > Daily privacy protection on your 25MB data.

  SlowDNS is an app that helps protect your privacy online by anonymously. You can select the desired DNS parameters according to the configuration options for the best browsing speed.

  It compares your data to the DNS tunnel due to the nature of the relatively slow DNS protocol.
  But you should be able to access simple websites without having any problems. This gives you complete control over setting all the required parameters manually and looking for the best settings that give the best speed on the local network.

  SlowDNS VPN allows you to set up your Internet connection in 15 different countries. And it’s best to start configuring and browsing application metrics to be ready in less than a minute.

  SlowDNS VPN is the right device for you to browse safely. Not subscribed. No root required. Install the app and start browsing.

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