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Screen Rotation Control apk download


Rotate screen orientation is an accurate orientation locking app that can lock your screen in virtually any orientation and automatically advances the landscape or portrait to override the specific settings of the app. 🙂

Not required. Works with all launchers!


  • Instant access to forced mode using a notification.
  • True orientation lock. Screen mode:
  1. Landscape (forced)
  2. Inverted landscape
  3. Portrait (Disables auto-rotating in phone setting)
  4. Force portrait (always in the picture regardless of the app!)
  5. Reverse Portrait
  6. Auto Rotate (Forced) For example, “forced auto” mode is very useful on tablets where some apps force portrait mode when you “turn” the screen on. This allows all types of launchers to be used in landscape mode, for example Sense 5 (HTC One), TouchWiz (Samsung Galaxy S4) and Google Nexus Stock Launcher.

landscape, reverse portraits, landscapes in four directions.
You can also specify auto direction.
The app does not support horizontally or in the other direction, you may be forced to.


  • 4 orientation screen controls (horizontal, vertical, reverse, vertical reverse)
  • Define auto rotation screen.
  • All apps (apps, games) support 4 orientation directions.
  • Gingerbread (2.3) more custom version.
  • Fero (2.2) If version does not support reverse vertical and reverse horizontal direction.

Be careful
A specific application may not display correctly to force portrait / landscape scene setting. (Camera app, etc.)
You are downloading the Screen Rotation Control 1.1.1 apk file for Android: You can set screen orientation independently. You can reverse the portrait, landscape, reverse portrait, four scenarios. You can.

Please keep in mind that APK 20 only shares the original and free APK version for screen rotation control v1.1.1 with no modification.


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