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Parallel Space lite APK Free Download


Parallel Space lite pro apk 64 bit Other than Instagram and Twitter, very few apps let you switch profiles from the same app. Even WhatsApp doesn’t offer the capability. The lack of such a feature makes people look for ways to run dual accounts on the same phone.

Parallel Space lite pro apk 64 bit One such method is to use the popular Android app known as Parallel Space. I’m sure you must have used it or heard its name, at least once. With Parallel Space, you can run a second instance of the same app on your phone.

Like other apps, they also decided to jump onto the bandwagon of lite and go apps with its own Parallel Space Lite app. You may wonder — how does Parallel Space Lite differ from the main app. Well, get ready for we are about to explore the different dimensions of space, or in simpler words, we will compare Parallel Space and Parallel Space Lite.

Parallel Space lite pro apk 64 bit Let’s get started.


Prallel Space lite pro apk 64 bit While all other lite and go apps have smaller app size as compared to their main apps, strangely Parallel Space Lite has the same size as that of its main app. On some phones that I tested, the Lite app was actually heavier. They should be awarded for being the only app whose lite version weighs more. In case you know of some other app too, let us know in the comments below.

rallel Space lite pro apk 64 bit Anyway, both the apps weigh around 8.6MB. I’m not even kidding. Look at the app size yourself.


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