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Daraz online shopping apk download

With 3 million customers a day, you’re in a very good company.
Drawer is an online marketplace in South Asia that gives thousands of shoppers the option to connect with millions of consumers.

Drawer is a mall, marketplace and community in your pocket that provides quick and easy access to over 4 million products in over 200 varieties.

From June 24 to June 30, our “Mobile Week” campaign offers a variety of discounts and deals from your favorite brands, including a variety of mobile phones, tablets, accessories, TVs, audio systems, cameras, computing products, gaming consoles and PCs. Will offer. Gaming Accessories and More!

Mega god
We have Mega Deals Focus, deep discount deals that are a steal for the price! Make sure to checkout while in stock.

Shake the Drawer app on our designated time slots for amazing vouchers and giveaways!

Just For You
The Drawer app knows your taste! Our personalized app helps you use artificial intelligence to find exactly what you are looking for.

Easy stats and references
Purchasing security is the biggest commitment we make to our customers. Manage your orders, and easily initiate returns and refunds!

Voucher Discounts
Our voucher sections offer new discounts from brands and shoppers every day – use them now or collect them in your wallet!

Daily flash sales
Our 24/7 Flash sales offer great discounts on best-selling products. With limited time and stock, these are the fastest fingers!

Drawer Mammal is your gateway to our 300 top brands committed to high 300 products, fast shipping and 14 days return policy!

Up top and up
Shop with your ‘digital’ product so you can get the best deals on your phone or top up your phone with your local mobile network operator.

Slot Wall
Wallet is the fastest way to checkout with instant refunds and special deposit bonuses!

Easy and secure checkout
Our PCI-DSS compliant technology ensures smooth and secure payment for your purchase.

Notifications and messages
Enable notifications to get updates from your favorite brands and special deals on the app!

Global compilation
Choose from over one million foreign products, many of which cannot be found in Pakistan. Pay for global products with any of our payment options at PKR, with cash on delivery without any hidden costs.

You have any technical issues, drop us a line at

  • Darka is the only state in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and West Bengal.


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