Dingtone mod apk download

introducing ding tone the new way to talk text and share with ding tone you can make calls just like a regular phone for free simply tap the call button and you’re connected it’s that easy ding tones dedicated global network means your voice will always come through crystal-clear all over the world ding tone is more than just free phone calls there’s live voicemail –

incoming call but you can’t take it listen in while your caller leaves a message then send a text or voice message back with ding tone conference calling is a snap free easy and fun no more pass codes or dialing numbers to slow you down simply push one button and your conference call is connected ding tones live push-to-talk

function magically turns your phone into a walkie talkie but better there’s no distance limitations carrier locks or dedicated lines stop struggling trying to write text messages on a tiny screen and hang up your phone while driving ding tone is more than just about talking you can send texts post pictures share videos even use location .

maps for free stay in touch with your friends on Facebook by merging your friend list into your phonebook make all the calls you want without revealing your number and never see a phone bill again use an iPad with ding tone you don’t have to reach for your phone when it rings use your iPad to answer calls send and receive .

text messages share pictures and lots more ding tone works across all your devices simultaneously ding tone brings together powerful features into one easy to use application once you try ding tone you’ll never go back to paying for calls download the ding tone app today and step into a new world of talk text and sharing



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