Modern technology gives us many things.

2nd line apk download

line two is app that we have that adds a second number to your iPhone and eventually to your Android phone as well and so you have two numbers on one phone one for personal one for business or club or whatever so I have my regular iPhone number here and then I have my line two here I start it up and you’ll see that it looks pretty much like the standard iPhone dialer so it’s not you know I’ve got a keypad wearing you know doll calls I’ve got access to contacts favorites my iPhone contacts as well as contacts

I’m hosting at a website called talk to me which is the name of my company I’ve got recent call history I’ve got visual voicemail and I’ve got settings so it’s very much like the iPhone app but there’s one big difference which is I’ve got the ability to place and receive those calls over voice over IP over the Internet or over cellular all using the same number and I can tell it you know if I have a Wi-Fi connection use that otherwise use cellular here I’ve actually enabled 3G calling so that I can place and receive calls over 18 T’s 3G data network without using any cellular minutes so you know if I have a problem with bad cell reception it’ll use Wi-Fi and I can place and receive my calls there and then now when I’m out over in my car someone calls me back on they’re using the same

Number but then I’ll ring over over cellular instead or like right now we’re on a 3G network but I can place and receive VoIP calls over 3G so if the reason you want this app is because you don’t want to use your cell minutes and you want to save on your cell bill you can send all your calls over 3G and as long as 18 T is giving you a good 3G data connection which is a then you can place and receive calls entirely like this is a VoIP call even though I’m not on Wi-Fi and I can do things like this is American Airlines but I can add call add callers so

I can set up conferences like here I’ll I’ll go into recents and I’ll call FedEx and now I’m American Airlines is on hold and now I’m calling FedEx and then because I’m evil what I love to do is I’ve merged the two into a conference and the two auto-attendant start arguing with each other battle of the auto the Battle of the auto attendant and I could call him 1-800 flowers and add them as well and then when your honor and this is all a VoIP conference so even though I’m on 18 to 3G network or Wi-Fi I’m not using any cell minutes I can manage the attendees of the conference oops here the participants in the conference list I can have up to 20 people this is all happening on Boyd I can also transfer calls and it also has things like like call waiting so that if I’m on a VoIP call it an another VIP call comes in to my line to number it’s not going to I can juggle between the two calls another thing and

this is and that’s that’s a first on the iPhone is AB call waiting for voi second thing is that if I get a call to my regular cell phone number all I have to do is decline that call so if I’m on line two now but if a call came into my regular cell phone number if I decline that call my call would not drop so I would be able to like if you’re using Skype or true phone someone calls your regular number the call is going to drop in our case the call will not drop so it just makes it a lot more useful and then it all hooks into an online control panel that lets you route you know how to handle different types of call it’s a little bit like whoops Google Voice you know different types of contacts do different things you can set up a whole company using it you can do things like an auto attendant again a lot of people don’t need these features if they’re just using it because they have bad cell reception but if you’re using

it you can actually set up an entire company where you have different key presses and you can have the different key you know press one for sales press two for support have it reached different employees and the company with a spell by name directory so it’s a very powerful powerful system and it’s available now in the App Store we’re getting great 5-star reviews for the most part people are really happy with it and just last week it was approved for the iPod touch so now you can get all that calm functionality the conferencing the call transfer on the iPod Touch it’s only it’s a 30-day free trial and it’s 1495 so you can turn your iPod Touch into a serious telephone and it’s a lot cheaper than done well can you show the separate contacts on the phone I thought that was really cool so you know one problem I have is that I have 1500 business contacts but if I put all my business contacts in my iPhone I don’t want to scroll through them just to call my friends so I keep my business my iPhone contacts is just my

friends and people I call a lot and then separately I can upload oops I hit the wrong button I can go to favorites I can just talk to me so these are the 1,500 business contacts and I have access to all my business contacts but they’re not cluttering up my iPhone content and so I think that’s a great feature – awesome thanks so much Peter thank you


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