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Puffin web browser apk Download

Today I’m going to do on the puffin web browser and now so what’s so great about this browser now I hit thanks feel it makes a using tablets feel like you’re using a computer and let me show you why so now let’s say let’s just go to a website because you can see the big features here all right now way for like to browse web

Says you got a really cool trackpad here right you can also scroll with it – I can’t use it in the game and what do I mean and while this our browser has a Flash plugin installed into it so with that you can play any game you want on the Internet and so it’s pretty nice so this gives you a pretty nice feel and it also comes with a gamepad it can map the keys well you know program them

I see but too bad you can’t add keys you can’t add buttons now that’s bad site about it and it can also manually pop up the keyboard whenever you want that’s pretty cool and it’s also got that fear mode fear mode all right I think this only works with the games because I tried using it with the game once let me see if ooh if I were the way I think it does all right and Dragon Ball Z devolution already gave us

Loading Trixie ah their fear mode is so and once wait until the game loads all right I got a whole microphone smells because they got a plate over there Oh aw shucks I’ve had and so all this young horses game six at Soria except for is he on keyboard to sell the Cure doesn’t work with games all right let’s see but this is this is such a guy on see before okay all right all right now up there oh good gosh okay this is kind of hard for me so sorry but also I get so three how you can play flash games on it but but if you don’t have a strong

Enough device if your device isn’t powerful enough then it will run slower than and you just saw so so the overall features are pretty amazing I love it you should definitely download this browser it might come in handy but there’s one thing there’s one problem with the trackpad you can’t do drag and drop with it now that’s about part all alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe to my channel and and see what cool stuff


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