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I am super excited to announce my new e-book for those that are looking for beginner work from home jobs right now you can head on over to Gumroad and download my newly released ebook 20 beginner friendly ways to make money online I made sure to include a huge list of a hundred and fifty companies not only for those that are located in the US but also some worldwide resources for those who want to make money online but don’t have much

experience if you take a peek inside you’ll also see that I’ve included a job application tracker so you can be able to track all the companies that you are applying with and also you’ll get a sneak peek of what’s inside of this ebook so hit this I want this button to go ahead and download this ebook instantly today in today’s video I want to cover some extra cash opportunities for those that are looking to make anywhere from a hundred to five hundred dollars extra per month these will not replace a job so I want to make that very clear but

they’re just some ways that you can be to make additional money from : by either playing bingo taking online surveys and also flirting and chatting online so to jump right in one thing I want you guys to know first off is that all of these sites that I am sharing it’s completely free to sign up you don’t have to worry about paying any type of membership fees or any type of fee in order to sign up on these sites and make money if you are a person that loves bingo and would love to make money playing bingo games online but you should try

bingo mania you can find bingo mania online by going to bingo mania calm and you’ll see that you are able to sign up and make money playing bingo they will have all types of different contests and different promotions that you can be able to enter in and to make additional money online so you can just simply go ahead and hit that join Now button and then you will go on to the next step the next site is a beginner site called Pogo which also allows you to make money playing bingo games as well as other addictive games online here is the official website for Pogo I’m sitting on their landing page and you will see that they have all types of games that you can play in addition to bingo you can go ahead and scroll

through the website just to get an idea of the different games that they have available whether it’s puzzle games word games you have Scrabble I see some of these familiar games that I used to play with as a child so yeah you can go ahead and register for free to get started if you enjoy making money taking surveys I recommend a viewpoint I just cashed out over 1200 dollars on this platform via PayPal here is the official email that you will receive when you cash out and you can clear to see that I cashed out one thousand two hundred and thirty six dollars in two sent to my PayPal account here is my official PayPal account now

PayPal says hey we can send this money within 72 hours but I actually received the payment from them within 24 hours show you really quick my account the payment came from you mungus and it was in the amount one thousand two hundred and thirty six dollars and two cents you can visit payee viewpoint by going to their official web page and you’ll see that they’ll have surveys waiting for you now on this site it is important to answer surveys truthfully this will help you build your trait score as well as earn more money with the company and then you can also cash out your earnings as long as you have at least fifteen dollars

accumulated another great survey website that I highly recommend because okay you don’t have to worry about taking all these surveys and just earning points in order to cash out this platform pays strictly cash not points you can visit survey junkie by going to their official web page and you’ll see on their page they share some information about you being able to take surveys you can earn rewards and then you will get paid via PayPal or gift cards they also have a great rating with Trustpilot so that is always a plus when you’re looking for a legitimate survey site and so you’ll see


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