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Via browser mod apk

A small but very useful web browser app for Android through a browser. This app is only 900kb in size, and doesn’t use much RAM.

Most Android browsers have a news section on the home screen. This app does not force you to read spam and distribution like other fancy browsers. It gives you a clean and friendly interface. You can read the news by browsing the sites of your favorite newspapers.

This browser’s home screen does not contain annoying ads. So you can easily browse your favorite content without having to worry. This app is like a Puffin browser

Also there are no bookmarks already added to the Home screen. You can add your favorite site’s bookmark after viewing it.

More information about the app

Developed by Lakor through a browser. Currently version 3.6.2 of the application is available for download. This app has one million downloads on the Play Store.

Smaller applications. Help save memory for Android machine. In addition to the small scale, Android machines are cleaner than ever. Enjoy your clean internet browsing time.
General Chat Chat Lounge Best for geeks
It is very important to be environmentally friendly. And the light interface regularly gives you a contemporary feel. Enjoy your contemporary and environmentally friendly internet browsing time.

The following are some of the browser capabilities
• History savings
• Customize
ہار Advertise the block
• Privacy protection
• Bookmarks
General Chat Chat Lounge Provides
• Evening mode
ap laptop mode
General Chat Chat Lounge Translate
۔ Discover in web page
سرچ Changes to search engine
انے Save the internet web page
• There is a picture of intelligence
home Free to design your homepage
Via Browser Product Idea
The basic line through the browser is geek. Make working problems easier.
Note the skill of browsing through the browser. Contemporary and light. Every Android telephone can be saved through the use of mini-measurements and reminders through a browser with small arms.
Great skill is through the browser. Improved handling of Internet web page codes, web logs and extras through all regular operations and browsers.
In one sentence, simplify difficult problems.
Your suggestions are welcome. Enjoy your time with the browser. Share with others through the browser if you want


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