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Automatic scroll pro apk

Auto-scroll allows you to auto-scroll the contents of your screen with a simple touch of the tool, and you can also jump up or down the page.

This new feature will be added as a system level function so that it can be used with all other applications, and can be activated or deactivated easily.


Automatic scrolling
Jump up or down
Scroll vertically and horizontally.
Choose a scrollable region (when there is more than one area on the screen).
The piece
Vibration activated
Settings for each application

The app works without root from Android N
Older versions require root

Two-speed scroll control: Select a value in “slow-scroll speed”. Now, when performing a “slow swipe”, that is, a swipe movement that lasts for more than 1/2 second on the tool
It will be scrolled at this speed. We recommend setting a higher value for the normal speed in this case.

Page Scroll:

First, choose a value in the “page scroll”. Now, when you click on the top or bottom of the tool, there will be a swipe for the selected length
in this direction.
Time page swipe:

First, choose a value in the “Selected page scrolling”. Clicking on the top or bottom of the tool will start the timer (indicated by a period). Then
At the specified time, “page scroll” (or horizontal scroll if the tool switches to horizontal scroll), the page will be scrolled at the specified length. Click on
Widget again to pass a timeout.

Horizontal scroll:

To start horizontal scrolling, drag away from the margin on the widget. Now, swipe up / down on the gadget will play one.
Scroll left / right page.
Tip: The safe way to “slow pass” is to swipe regularly, then leave your finger on the screen for just one second …
This app uses accessibility services.

Note: In applications (or web pages) that are slow to update their content while scrolling, there may be a noticeable delay in scrolling execution such as
With a regular finger scroll


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