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How to make Photo Stay at home Stay Safe

at this moment in this current situation we are facing not only in Egypt but the whole world we wish we had a hero to save us from this pandemic the outbreak of the

Corona virus around the globe we have witnessed the corona virus sweeping across China and then Italy we’ve never thought it would come to us this virus has darkened the sky of so many cities borders all locked everyone is scared of the virus we are facing and don’t know what to do some acts normal and some are terrified we don’t need a hero to save us from the corona virus

We only need you to be aware and intelligent enough to deal with this situation real heroes are not the strong ones but the smart ones the ones who take precautions the ones who help each other take these days off the earth is resting and you too should rest stay safe at home with your loved ones let’s give the city a break wear your mask and stay home everything will still be there your favourite restaurant

Will still be there your office will still be there and once all of this is over everything will be back to the old normal days people will take off their masks leave their home and go back to their routine maybe this is a great opportunity for everyone to take some time off to rest and have some quality time what is the first thing you will do when all of this is over

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