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Anonytun apk download latest version

The fastest free VPN that I have ever used so if you’re looking for a free VPN then I’m sure this video will be helpful just stay tuned with me so now without talking too much let’s sort of wheel the VPN I’m gonna show you so the VPN name is proton weekend and you may have heard about it it’s a really big company and even it’s a big company I didn’t get paid to make this video so what,

I mean is this video is not sponsored by anybody this VPN is just amazing so that’s why I’m showing you I used it I liked it and I’m now showing you I use this weekend every single day for various reason ok so how to download this go to this site I will put a link in the description you can go there and download this you can see this is available for Windows Mac and it is also available for mobile phones if you have Android download the Android one if you have your iOS,

You can download the iOS one even in the site you can see here it says looking for a free VPN signed up for proton VPN to get access to a secure and completely free VPN you know what this means completely free free of charge VPN hmm interesting right so just download it and open it the installation is simple install it as the install the regular program and after that you just have to click on connect that’s it and right now I’m connected to the Japan if you have money and you don’t mind to spend your money on VPN then you can also Creed here you know proton VPN account and you’ll get lots of countries to choose from you can see right now in free version,

You will get United States Netherland and Japan for free these servers are free and you can you don’t have to pay for it so that’s why I’m making this video you can see right now I’m connected to this Japan let me show you that this works I’m going to search for VPN actually now what happens is when you connect to the VPN is that you know like right now I’m connected to the Japan server and now every site visit they think that I’m browsing the site from Japan isn’t that amazing so now your IP address is hidden and your connection is secured all that kinda stuff if you want to know more about the VPN.

You can also do the Google search that what is VPN and all that kind of stuff and you will know everything about the VPN so let’s do the speed test okay I had done lots of videos on free VPN and you know Phoebe VPNs are always like really really slow for example let’s say Netflix is blocked in your country but you want to watch the Netflix on your country using the VPN if you use the free VPN most of the free VPNs are really slow the video will not even stream so but there’s a different case with this week and this weekend is pretty fast so I’m gonna do a speed test even though I don’t know the Japanese language.

But I know how it works okay you can see the speed that I’m getting is around like above 20 megabits per second the download speed okay and the upload speed is a little bit lower but you know I can show you that this is the only free Lybian which is fastest you know the fastest weekend I mean free VPN that I have ever used if you use the premium version of this proton you will get like full speed of your actual internet but you know as you know free beacons are crappy but this one is like normal it gives you the speed of like let’s say you want to watch the Netflix with the VPN on then it can stream those videos that’s

Why this VPN is just amazing so yeah let’s try to connect it to the another country which is like Netherland I guess I’m gonna connect to the Netherland okay now it says that you are successfully connected let’s let’s test okay and also going to search for VPN and let’s see what happens as you can see we have a what language is this I don’t know I don’t know it’s something Netherland language I don’t know what language they speak in Neverland but this is the language but I can translate to English if I want to so this works pretty amazing you know you can see the site load let’s say you don’t believe me

I’m gonna search my side okay and I’m gonna click on my side and you will see that the site will load faster it’s not slow so yeah you can see it loaded quickly amazing as regular internet connection so it has a pretty good speed the VPN okay and you can also connect to the US okay let’s let’s try I’m gonna connect to the US and all these servers are tested you know pretty fast and you know if you plan to upgrade to premium you know only if you have a money and yeah you can choose more countries so now,

We are connected to the US now let’s do the Google search again okay and I should get everything in English yep as you can see here and say I’m gonna search my site a little bit and there we go a little bit I’m gonna click on it see how fast it loaded so yeah it’s a you know since I made lots of videos on free VPN you know I can share you that if you’re looking for a free VPN this is the best free weekend that I have ever used and this is also a the fastest free VPN so yeah that’s it I don’t want to talk too much cuz when I talk too much my videos go like 20 minute long and people seem to not like that cuz you know I try to explain everything but you know you got the point you know you you can download this and you’ll have three countries to choose from and if you plan to upgrade to the premium.

You can also do that but you know if you don’t have a money you can just stick with the free and just I can just say that just trust me use it as a free and if you like it you can keep it if you don’t like it you can uninstall it at any time no one is stopping you okay no one is forcing you to keep this but if you’re looking for a free VPN this is the best free we can you can ever get and how I can say that because I have used you know many free VPNs and this is the only free weekend I found that very fast and yeah that’s it really fast ok you heard the pros that this VPN is really fast that is the amazing thing about this weekend but there is a only one downside

If you use the torrents like you want to download the torrents like you know torrent files movies games whatever you download from the torrent sites it won’t work that is the only

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