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Ehsaas rashan Registration Online

The Favor Ration Portal is a donor-connected system for ration distribution. The private sector and civil society organizations have been established to help Cove 19 reach the most qualified people after the crisis and provide them with food ration packs or cash equivalents.

Through the portal, the government’s role will help connect donors and beneficiaries (eg on a geographic basis) and provide eligible beneficiaries with donor data.

Both the beneficiary and donor organizations will register on the portal by providing the necessary information. Beneficial information will be verified, and eligibility will be determined using this data. Similarly, donors will only be tested against a certain standard of eligibility for reliable, taxable and superficial organizations to become program partners. The beneficiary information will then be shared with donors following agreements on confidentiality and exchange of related data, to ensure the provision of food ration packs or cash equivalents to the beneficiaries.

Information on getting rations ”!

In view of Karuna, the Punjab government has started a “ration program” to meet the ration needs of the sick, poor, destitute and needy people.

  • There is a link to this website to get rations. To register: First, click on “Ration Registration”.
  1. Basic information: It will have to include full name, identity card number and number of family members.
  2. Contact information: It will have address, district, tehsil, mobile number. Note: 4 days after registration, if anyone does not receive the ration, you can inform by sending a message to 4471. How to write a message: Name, Address, Identity Card Number, Phone Number (Write in message and send to 4471). Thank you. (Message writing procedure is written in red above the post)

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