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Turbo VPN apk download

Hi Guys today we are taking a look at turbo VPN now as you can see here it is pretty high up there on the Google Play Store so is this one worth using or not that’s what we’re gonna find out in this video we’re gonna be running it through the paces and looking at it as terms of a normal VPN provider you know how does it compare to my top-rated VPN providers at VPN worth using well I’ve checked it out before in the channel already.

But I kind of wanted to make more of a structured VPN review of turbo VPN to put it in the tier list so turbo VPN like a lot of other VPNs on the app store is marketed as a free ultra secure VPN provider that pretty much does whatever you want sounds pretty good right well it guarantees 100% free VPN high VPN speed best unlimited free VPN clients for Android connect as a hair to unblock sites Wi-Fi hotspot secure and protect privacy fastest easiest most stable triple VPN you can bypass the firewalls as school VPN V proxy protect your network traffic and works with all carriers besides that though guys it doesn’t really say too much about you know the core VPN nature.

It’s just all kind of marketing buzzwords SEO blah blah blah but you can see here guys there is a lot of downloads for this application it looks like a hundred million plus and my top tier VPN on the Google Play Store only has a hundred plus a hundred thousand plus which is this has a hundred million so you could see how popular these free VPN providers get we’re going to be looking at you know the privacy policy right now it says for policy reason this service can not be used in China interesting let’s go ahead and click on the privacy policy right now just take a look so guys in terms of Turbo VPNs privacy policy well suffice to say like most every other single mobile based VPN provider it’s not very good the company has clear ties to China having clear ties to companies like innovative consulting or innovative connecting Ltd,

The director is the Chinese national it’s also connected to lemon clove Pte Ltd directory Li yang also a Chinese passport holder there’s also connections to Indian companies and this website that I’m looking at talks about the company structure while it’s not clear exactly how the structure is it’s very clear that they’re all connected and Chan Danian is in Chinese internet entrepreneur and he’s previously listed among the 400 richest Chinese he’s the founder and CEO of link sure which shares the single share held or of innovative connecting so it looks like he’s kind of behind this little VPN provider these all these VPN providers on the app store under this kind of brand VPN master turbo VPN a VPN and probably most concerning and really the only thing.

You need to know about the privacy policy is that allows all your data to be transferred to China isn’t that just great so what it looks like starting out you know a lot of these VPNs that look pretty similar they don’t have that many settings they just kind of have a connect and whatever so it looks like turbo VPN is gonna be pretty pricey you know mostly VPNs that are free on the App Store you know it’s marketed as free you saw the description and right away it’s trying to get me to sign up for twelve dollars a month that is expensive that is one of the most expensive prices out there for VPN pretty much 12 or 13 as expensive as it gets we could look at the settings here and it is nice to see a different option between m/sec and Open VPN some other VPN apps on the app store don’t provide this option for connection.

What we do you see a little bit connect when turbo VPN starts that’s about it that’s about it for the settings guys so that’s pretty minimalistic but we also want to look at the servers really quick so there isn’t that many free servers we do see a lot more faster servers a decent amount of faster servers VIP but again guys that is gonna be pretty expensive twelve dollars a month that is really expensive and instead really offer like a oh no it’s an ad not rate shadow let it sting it okay there we go alright so we are gonna connect we’re gonna be as quick as a hair now guys for the purposes of this kind of test I probably should test out the VIP servers and the free service as well just to show you kind of an indication so I will do the free trial for you guys make sure to cancel that though so that way I don’t get charged but I will do the both test and show you kind of difference in speeds as well as compared to my other VPN as I mentioned so guys for turbo VPN it is admin Lee a bit faster then the other VPN I just tested that would be Thunder VPN upload here is not very good it should be closer to 40 and without VPN I get around 400 megabits per second on my phone so guys this one is not very fas.


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