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Helix Jump Mod Apk Highest Level Download 2020


Helix Jump Mod Apk Highest Level – VOODOO is one of the game developers that are currently on the rise.After two years of standing and developing, they have created many arcade games for smartphones.

After successfully releasing the game Baseball Boy, then a week later VOODOO released a new recreation game, this game was named Helix Jump Mod Apk highest level.

Luckily, we have a MOD version of this game. Of course, the download link will be below.If you are overly anxious, skip the game description below and download the game immediately.

After you download your playing experience will change forever into a more relaxed and funny one.

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Download Helix Jump Mod Apk Cannot Die

On this occasion, we will share the game helix jump mod apk, which is in a modified version. There are no longer any ads that appear and are annoying, as well as many other interesting features.

However, if you are someone who likes Voodoo, you should use the original version of the game to provide support to the developer.

Nama GameHelix Jump Mod Cannot Die
Size32 MB
UpdateMay 2020

Helix Jump v3.3.2 Mod Apk level 1000

Helix Jump v3.32 Mod.Apk

Helix Jump v1.0.6 Mod Can not die

Helix Jump Mod apk Download: Mediafire

Mod Features:

Helix Jump Mod has the following main features:

  • No Ads Appeared
  • Many Opportunities Revive
  • Easy to play
  • A game level is already the highest
  • Anti mati

Just a week after it was released on Google Play, this game brought more than 1 million downloads and installations to publishers, along with many good reviews of the game.

There is only one thing that makes people unhappy. Helix Jump has many advertisements, which make the game difficult for everyone. It was an unpleasant experience.


helix jump mod apk is a pretty decent game, indeed, the difficulties in this game have been proven by many people.

However, because of this difficulty, this game has its own charm and appeal.

If you participate in this game, the player will be controlled by a small ball.

This ball will fall into a spiral maze, players must use their hands to rotate the maze in all directions so that the ball does not fall to the ground. If the ball falls to the ground, you will lose.

If you want to continue playing, there will be ads that appear and require you to watch the ads, of course, things like this are very uncomfortable.

Even though this is a great game, Voodoo is also smart enough to know the player’s money accurately.

Requires Good Reflex:

One important factor in getting a good score in this game is the reflex of the player must be really good.

Try to focus on playing this game, guess where the ball will bounce off, and turn the maze in that direction to avoid the ball falling.

Not only does it require good reflexes, but players must also be very clever because if they spin the maze wrong, the ball will also deviate from the track and fall at any time.

In the first level, ball control is quite simple, you don’t even need to touch the maze.

However, just past the first five levels, the ball will bounce faster, the tower will have deeper holes.

You will lose easily whenever you don’t pay attention to. This is a game that requires a lot of skills.

Control The Ball:

One of the things that you have to do is control the ball well. If there are 5 obstacles you need to overcome, divide 5 obstacles into 5 bouncing balls.

In the beginning, you have to visualize the next obstacle you will face in order to get in the right direction.

After you can control the direction of the ball, you will quickly avoid obstacles.


It is undeniable that the graphics in this game are indeed quite good. Because this game is designed in a familiar 3D style.

Shapes and balls are developed in various ways and colours, creating new but familiar nuances if you have already played the game. Developed by Voodoo.

One thing that you will definitely face as I have also experienced is that if you play this game for a long time, you will experience dizziness.

The gameplay is hard to see, creating a blurred feeling if you see the length. The rest, everything is extraordinary.


This game is not only an interesting entertainment game, but Helix Jump is also a great game that will help you to improve concentration, and also practice your ability to reflect responsibly. Keep Visiting also.

In Helix Jump mode the Apk mode will give you a very exciting adventure of the ball bouncing through the maze located in the helix tower.

Helix Jump Mod Apk provides one-touch controls that are very easy to learn. And the visual effects of this game also really spoil our eyes.

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