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Alchemy Wallet APK Download [2020]


hello viewers welcome to Alchemy Wallet Apk today i’m going to share alchemy wallet eardrum this airdrop is giving aca token this token will be list on binance very soon they are trying to list their binance exchanger site is world number one exchanger cryptocurrency site at first click on the first link then click on here and copy then click for download this app i’m copying the refer code and click for download the app the app is download started okay.

Alchemy Wallet Airdrop

Wait for download my download is complete click on the download file and click on the app then install the app click here to install anywhere then open here firstly here is the sign up option click on the sign up button then submit here your email password confirm password then the invitation code you have already copied paste the invitation code here i filled everything don’t forget to use my refer code here this is master need then click here to confirm okay it’s done then login sign in here okay after sign in click here and set a payment password please note that please only select here six digit number and the number again okay here i done then confirm okay here the success then skip all the star skip the authentication.

Alchemy Wallet Token Price

Then click on the understand okay then click here on the gift box here submit the email then all the tags is optional no need to do these tasks okay click scroll down and then submit here is too lucky opportunity please click on the start here is running spin okay s pin is done waiting for the reward to come okay reward is coming wow i get three more acas click on the go to parse view okay i already get five for using the invitation code and three for new new spin after refreshing here the extra 3 token is showing please click on the gift box again i have one more lucky withdraw okay the email is already submitted here that i previously submitted then submit it again then wait for the next spin here is the new spin start here the spin is moving moving okay.

Alchemy Wallet app Download

It’s done here only two lucky spin i already done two okay wait for the reward to come wow now i get five okay go to the purse view then refresh this wallet here is my total balance that’s all for today please wait for list this token on binance thanks for watching this video if you want you can join their telegram group here is the link join community then you can choose your suitable group i’m joining english here is the telegram group i join okay that’s all for today

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